Easy assembly of a wooden epoxy resin table

All about the assembly of a table

The assembly of every table is very easy according to our manual and you can do it by yourself, or with the help of another person if the table is heavier.

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Step by step

  1. In the delivered box, you will find a packed top with stud nuts turned upwards.
  2. Leave the top in the box (do not put it on the ground) and fasten the legs to it.
  3. The metal legs should be fastened to the top using the drilled holes. The legs are marked with numbers which correspond to the numbers on the top.
  4. Fasten the legs with the stud nuts using the attached screws. Use the enclosed Allen key to fasten the screws.
  5. Remove the table from the box and turn it on to its legs. Ask another person to help you.
  6. Invite your loved ones, friends or colleagues and enjoy exceptional get togethers.