Information about order and shipping of epoxy resin tables

Which tables do you have in stock and how long does it take to manufacture a table?

We can send you tables labelled “in stock” practically immediately. If you are interested in a table which is currently not in stock, we will manufacture it approximately within 2 months.

How do I order a table?

Please fill in the contact form under the specific table and send it to us. Our sales representative will contact you within 1 working day and agree a delivery date and payment details.

How do I pay for a table?

We will send you a proforma invoice. The table will be dispatched upon receipt of payment.

How will you deliver the table to me?

We will ensure a safe and reliable courier service delivers your table to you. We will deliver the table to you on the day and time you wish.

How do I assemble the table?

We will deliver a disassembled table to you. The assembly of every table is very easy according to our manual and you can do it by yourself, or with the help of another person if the table is heavier. Alternatively, you can arrange for our assembly service to come and assemble the table for you.