Proper care of tables with epoxy resin

All about the care of a table

Please use the table only for the intended purpose. Do not use the table in incomplete or disassembled condition.

Clean the table with a soft seamless cloth made from a material which does not release fibres (cotton). For difficult to remove stains use wood polish.

Do not position the table near a heat source and do not expose the table to direct sunlight or the elements. The temperature resistance of the central band made from epoxide resin is max. 40°C.

The top is resistant to wine, beer, Coke, coffee, tea, fruit juices and water. The acrylic urethane finish complies with the DIN 68861 B (chemical resistance of the surface), EN 71/3 (sub-limit migration of heavy metals) and DIN 53160 (resistance to saliva and perspiration) standards. Harmless to humans and animals.

Weight bearing load

Do not stand on the table and do not exceed its weight bearing load (50 kg).

High temperature

Do not place hot dishes and items with a temperature of over 40°C directly on the top.

Sharp objects

Solvents, sharp or abrasive items can irreversibly damage the table´s surface.


Do not use cleaning agents containing abrasives, alcohol, ammonia, colour cleaners, solvents and similar aggressive substances to clean the table.