Selecting the ideal epoxy resin table

Which parameters should I consider when selecting a table?

The quality, stability and lifespan is the same for all tables. It is up to you which colour, shape and type of wood you prefer or will fit in your interior.

We make every table from solid hard wood with remarkable relief and cracks. We treat these imperfections with colour epoxide, which strengthens the wood and, at the same time, adds an exceptional look.

At present, we make tables from American and European walnut, cherry, pear, oak, and olive.

For more information about the woods we use, go to the page Our Craft.

What size of table is appropriate?

Each type of wood is unique and differently shaped. The shapes and sizes of the wood define the dimensions of the final table. The following overview is indicative only:

Dining tables

2 people: 85 x 80 cm |3 people: 100 x 80 cm | 4 people: 120 x 80 cm | 4 to 6 people: 170 x 85 cm 6 to 8 people: 200 x 85 cm | 8 to 10 people: 220 x 85 cm

Conference tables

We recommend a minimum space of 80 cm per person at a table, and from 85 to 100 cm for a work place. The surface dimension will also depend on the size of the chairs in your meeting room. Please take into account whether your chairs are equipped with armrests.

Coffee tables

What is the appropriate height for a table?

The height of coffee tables usually ranges from 40 to 50 cm. Select the height according to the height of your sofa or armchairs to avoid unnecessarily bending down or, on the contrary, excessive height.
What size is appropriate?
As recommended by our designers, the table size should be between one third to one half of the length of your sofa.

What shape is appropriate?

Rectangular is the most practical shape because it occupies the least amount of space. A square table is more space demanding. Although round and untraditional shapes may provide a design feature, combining this with other pieces of furniture and the space is also important.