Aibel – oak wood table with gold epoxy resin

You will fall in love with the Aibel designer coffee table. The pride presented by the solid oak is eloquently disrupted by a strip of metallic resin featuring delicate waves of golden “sand”.
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The beauty of gold can be infinite. Like the eternal flame, it is protected by the guardian spirit of Aibel.

The Aibel coffee table proudly shows off its waves of golden sand. As incomprehensible as they are, we still dedicate our mental thoughts to them, with a fervour bordering on addiction. Just like we do the flames of a fire.

As a result, other beautiful features may go unrecognised. The oak tree trunk. The elegant design enhances the rings of each year’s new growth, with every imperfection revealed through dark brown tones.

The naturally shaped edges incorporate the solidity of the unique oak grain. By just touching it, you can feel how its unrestrained nature was gently shaped in the carpenter’s workshop.

The delicate black legs are an invitation to enjoy some tea. So please, sit down and have a cup or two.

Made of the same piece of wood as its opposite number, the ESUS coffee table.


65 cm LENGTH
50 cm WIDTH
34 cm HEIGHT
Metallic with black powder coating LEGS
10 kg WEIGHT


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