Aiolos dining table in solid oak with white epoxy resin.

Let yourself be dazzled by the elegant Aiolos dining table, made from two slabs of solid oak. Combined with the bright white resin, it will awaken endless light in your space.
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Aiolos, the ruler of the winds, has brought us the brilliant reflection of the sun in the heavenly noon. It’s absolutely clear, sparkling, and dazzling… It betrays not a single shade of darkness.

Dominating the white elegance of the Aiolos’ dining table boasts a soft oak grain construction along the entire length of the solid wood. Only here and there are we stopped by the subtle cracks of the knots which speak to us more like signs of beauty. But they have virtually no effect on the overall illuminated impression.

All the more does the beautifully ornate white resin spill over into us. It wonderfully exaggerates the strength of the solid oak and releases its continuous surfaces. Highly illuminated streams of resin plunge into pure white tones up to slightly grey. They cluster in formations that challenge definition. Still, they pull our feelings towards a surprising honesty.

The tabletop retains the edges that nature itself has shaped. The master woodworker’s hand has only softened them to a silky touch that even the eye can feel.

The entire structure of the ultra-fine white Aiolos table is finished with cream-coloured bases with a slightly industrial touch. They hold this table firmly and stably. All you really have to do is sit down… and let your fantasy carry you away.

190 cm LENGTH
75 cm WIDTH
76 cm HEIGHT
Metallic with white powder coating LEGS
43 kg WEIGHT


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