Anemoi dining table in solid walnut with white epoxy resin.

Be enchanted by the luxurious Anemoi solid walnut dining table, blended with infused white and clear resin. Its majesty directly calls for numerous gatherings with family or friends.
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Anemoi, the gods of all winds, have combined their power. They have unleashed a mighty rock cliff and sparked a stream of white gold in its vein. In its intensity it stretches to abysmal heights – there, in the unseen, where brightness reigns.

The sight of Anemoi’s luxurious table will steal the breath of anyone who loves flamboyant positive energy. The two-metre-wide solid wood surface dominates the entire composition. Thanks to the walnut wood grown on the old continent, we can fully enjoy its light tones subtly underlined by the summer rings.

We also take delight in the master’s hand which has used a combination of white and transparent resin. The lower layer is dominated by white shimmering feathers, while the upper layer flows peacefully in its transparency. We are free to see the structure of the wood in conjunction with each other.

The result is an absolutely bravura synergy of pure nature and resin crafted to perfection. All this is framed by the irregular edges of the walnut wood, preserved in its original form. Still, its touch is smooth and divinely pleasing.

But the master woodworker has left the final decision to you. You can choose your own base for this table… One that will blend in perfectly with your living space. Remember, however, that only a solid, heavy-duty central base will hold this majesty.

200 cm LENGTH
84 cm WIDTH
Without base. It is possible to select your own base. LEGS


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