Aoife – walnut wood table with sapphire epoxy resin

A look into the depths of the sapphire resin is never enough. It can only be described as an immersion in “beauty”. That is the true meaning of the word Aoife, which is derived from the Gaelic word aoibh.
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The metallic blue sapphire resin strip is the dominant feature of the Aoife coffee table. Distinctive, but delicate at the same time. Like a river, it elegantly flows between the softly rounded banks of cherry wood.

The unique structure of the growth rings, with a touch of pink, evokes the feeling of continuous movement. It seduces. It never stops.

The elegant straight-cut edges offer you a new experience every time you touch them. You will feel the sublime strength of the cherry wood. You will want to touch the fine structure of the wood and enjoy the sensation.

The bevelled, carbon black legs create sufficient space for your meetings. Sit at the table comfortably. Let nothing disturb you.

110 cm LENGTH
50 cm WIDTH
45 cm HEIGHT
Metallic with black powder coating LEGS
15 kg WEIGHT
Cherry WOOD


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