Aura – oak wood table with white epoxy resin

Treat yourself to a luxurious Aura office desk as a reward for your hard efforts. The solid oak and white metallic resin create stunning visual effects when exposed to daylight.
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Playful sparkles and a warm glow. The Aura sea breeze brings an extraordinary lightness, gentleness and, at the same time, confidence to your elegant office.

The unique Aura office desk highlights originality and a creative view of the world. The unusual white resin reflects daylight and brings sea waves into the room… at noon it reflects almost all colour tones.

The solid oak top, taken from a single trunk, reflects the tree’s lifelong efforts to grow upwards.

The table edges gracefully copy the natural shape of the oak’s lines. They are obliquely beveled, which allows you to comfortably position your elbows and wrists.

The intricate annual rings full of power and grace are held up by thin white legs, making the desk unbelievably stable.

The Aura office desk is made from the same piece of wood as its opposite number, the ORCUS office desk, which is the masculine counterpart to delicacy and incandescence.

145 cm LENGTH
70 cm WIDTH
74 cm HEIGHT
Metallic with white powder coating LEGS
30 kg WEIGHT


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