Bec coffee table in solid olive wood with blue epoxy resin.

The luxurious Bec coffee table is a masterpiece both of nature and a skilled woodworker's hand. The stunning design of a single piece of olive wood is enhanced by the atypical resin casting with a shimmering blue colour.
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The goddess Bec has plunged untold riches into her well. Down there, in the depths, lies the radiant knowledge of the ages. Open your mind!

The atypically created Bec coffee table will delight you with its composition. The wise craftsman has left the magnificent piece of olive wood whole and let its breathtaking pattern fully emerge. He then finished the shape of the table with a vast expanse of blue resin.

The singularity of the Bec coffee table is even imprinted in its edges. The olive wood lines in its uniqueness, merely slightly smoothed to a pleasant touch. From the resin side, however, the edge is straight, unforgiving, as if immediately plunging into infinity.

Minimalistically bevelled bases in angular black create confusion at different angles of view. They are thin on one side. But from the other side, they give the impression of sheer dominance, as if to deserve to carry this conference jewel.

88 cm LENGTH
53 cm WIDTH
34 cm HEIGHT
Metallic with black powder coating LEGS
14 kg WEIGHT
Olive WOOD


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