Canola – cherry tree table with gold epoxy resin

A dominant golden feature in metallic epoxide. The Canola will become the goddess of your space. In your mind´s eye, it will start playing mythical music and will never fail to inspire. As Canola, the goddess of music and inspiration, once did in times gone by.
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$ 2 100

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The gorgeous gold-coloured resin of the Canola coffee table immediately captivates. Although its brightness and metallic feel are like glowing lava, the surrounding cherry wood creates the necessary harmony.

The noticeable growth rings emphasize the wood´s surface. All the cracks in the grain, created either by knots or beautiful imperfections, are highlighted with a touch of the very same golden metallic resin.

The elegant straight-cut edges offer you a new experience every time you touch them. You will feel the sublime strength of the cherry wood. You will want to touch the fine structure of the wood and enjoy the sensation.

The minimalist, carbon black legs lighten the entire experience. Just sit at the table. Pamper yourself with luxury.

110 cm LENGTH
50 cm WIDTH
45 cm HEIGHT
Metallic with black powder coating LEGS
15 kg WEIGHT
Cherry WOOD


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