Maia – cherry tree table with green epoxy resin

When Maia, the goddess of spring, flourishes, everything turns green. Nature grows and thrives. That living strength is reflected in the metallic colour. Catch a glimpse!
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The Maia conference table features a metallic green band that majestically flows through the centre of it. The fresh colour, huge waves and swirls will give your space a totally enchanting spirit.

The grain of the distinctive cherry wood is dominated not only by the growth rings, but also by the nuts from which irregular branches grew.

The edges of this table, which have retained their natural shape, highlight the fresh and natural style. The edges are bevelled.

Touch the structure of the wood and enjoy its splendour. Pass your palm over the solid top and enjoy the sensation of the perfect finish.

The minimalist, carbon black legs lighten the entire experience. Just sit at the table. and let your thoughts drift to the freshness of spring.

175 cm LENGTH
95 cm WIDTH
72 cm HEIGHT
Metallic with black powder coating LEGS
45 kg WEIGHT
Cherry WOOD


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