Persés dining table in solid walnut with black epoxy resin.

The masterpiece Persés dining table in solid walnut wood and dark black resin. The largest table in our range with an incredible length of 235 cm. Welcome your family and friends to this majestic giant.
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Persés, the titan of destruction, has bewitched us with his black magic elevated to imperial status. Let us be swept away by his power over the vastness of space. There is no one else like him – unrelenting, fierce, hard, and at the same time extremely soft.

It may seem dark at first… But the walnut massif quickly awakens in us a passion for lighter tones. We feel all its currents, carved by untamed nature over decades. Nature has sculpted through blizzards, in storms, in oppressive heat, and has imprinted all her hardships on a dazzling piece of wood.

And at that moment comes the sacred moment for the master of art. To create a breathtaking composition while preserving all the deep feelings experienced somewhere in the distant woods. It enters gently, with a dark black resin that seems to form the core of the trunk.

Yes, a gloomy core, wildly flowing, but losing none of its life and agency. The metallic resin plays with a plethora of reflections and swirls, drawing us in and frightening us at the same time. It demands the power of the moment, which only you with your loved ones can command.

The master carpenter has left the final decision up to you. In fact, you can choose the bases that fit perfectly into your living space. However, only a solid, heavy-duty central base will hold this giant.

235 cm LENGTH
72 cm WIDTH
Without base. It is possible to select your own base. LEGS


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