Pontos dining table in solid oak with blue epoxy resin.

Discover the Pontos luxury dining table in solid oak and blue epoxy resin. It’s perfect for a large family or a visit. But it’s not just its dimensions that are impressive.
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The god Pontos has definitely conquered the depths of all the inner seas. And has allowed us to enter them… perhaps to see the unbridled beauty they hold.

The Pontos dining table is a spectacular jewel, materializing for us the power of oak wood in its fullness. The typical delicate pattern of the summer rings blends into every corner of the table. And when we run our hands over it, a sense of touching the finest silk comes over us.

Thanks to the masterful composition of two continuous streams, countless lush shades of Carolina Blue open up before us. Their cluster is layered in sparkling reflections and surprises us with its will to touch the depths.

Tiny elongated cracks covered in resin serve to complete this picture of joinery perfection which is framed by the original lines of the oak trunk. We get the feeling that they flow into an endless distance that carries centuries.

The classical bases in the shape of angular black prisms inspire us with an absolute certainty of stability. Sit right down at this carpentry jewel and begin sharing your thoughts…

200 cm LENGTH
80 cm WIDTH
75 cm HEIGHT
Metallic with black powder coating LEGS
48 kg WEIGHT


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